Save on Telecom

One major provider has over 20,000 different pricing structures and 86% of telecom bills are wrong. Small wonder 100% of every client we’ve ever worked with was paying way too much for their telecom.

With Technologence clients average immediate savings of 31%. And that moves up to nearly 50% after 24 months through our exclusive “bill creep intervention” process.

Bottom line: the typical Technologence clients saves between $10,000 and $100,000 per month, starting almost from day one.

Deliver Projects On-Time & On-Budget

Studies show only 16% of IT projects are considered on-time and on-budget. On average, they were over budget by 189% and behind schedule by 222%. With Technologence you can reverse those statistics and achieve an on-budget ratio of 92% and an on-time rate of 89%.

Reduce Costs by 50%

For many IT managers, 3 a.m. wake-up calls are a fact of life. For managers working with Technologence, they’re a thing of the past.

Plus, you can say goodbye to pulling people off projects to handle maintenance issues. There’ll be no more searching through spread sheets trying to gather information that’s usually outdated by the time you find it. And no more watching 80% of your budget go to routine maintenance. Now you can:

  • ~Drill down to the exact configuration of every device in your organization within seconds.
  • ~Get automated and continuous monitoring of all your hardware and software.
  • ~Streamline help desk and other management tasks
  • ~Reduce your IT maintenance costs by 50%.
  • ~Improve your problem resolution time by 90%.